NDA Qualifications and Traineeships: Overview

Qualifications and Traineeships in Business, Management and IT

NDA traineeships and qualifications

An NDA business, management or IT qualification can be completed at the workplace or by attending classes at NDA's Training Centres in Launceston, Hobart or Devonport. Qualifications and traineeships give staff new skills as well as recognition of their existing skills. Training is competency-based, combining on-the-job and formal training. People of all ages can undertake a traineeship or qualification. The typical course duration is six months to two years, either part-time or full-time.

An important part of the NDA service is that we provide free training on relevant NDA public training courses (that align to units on the training plan*) for clients enrolled in traineeships and qualifications – no other RTO provides this service and few even provide face-to-face training with qualifications.

* As per the terms and conditions outlined in 'NDA Training Courses'.

Government Incentives for Traineeships

Federal Government financial incentives may be available to employers of eligible staff.* Additional funding may be provided by the State Government where businesses employ new trainees to undertake an approved vocational pathway. You may find that the funding provided covers the full cost of the qualification and, in many cases, you may have funding left over to allocate elsewhere in your training budget.
*Funding information can be obtained from an Apprenticeship Centre on 13 38 73.

Qualifications in Business and Management

NDA offers following business qualifications:

›› BSB20115 - Certificate II in Business
›› BSB30115 - Certificate III in Business
›› BSB30415 - Certificate III in Business Administration
›› BSB40215 - Certificate IV in Business
›› BSB40515 - Certificate IV in Business Administration
›› BSB41015 - Certificate IV in Human Resources
›› BSB41515 - Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
›› BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
›› BSB50215 - Diploma of Business
›› BSB50415 - Diploma of Business Administration
›› BSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management
›› BSB51415 - Diploma of Project Management
›› BSB51915 - Diploma of Leadership and Management 

Very good course. Can recommend NDA to anyone wanting to learn more skills.
I have done many courses - all excellent.
- GJ, Myrtle Park Retreat, Diploma of Business.

Qualifications in Training and Assessment

›› TAE40116 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Very good course. Can recommend NDA to anyone wanting to learn more skills.
I have done many courses - all excellent.
- GJ, Myrtle Park Retreat, Diploma of Business.

Qualifications in Information Technology (IT)

NDA offers IT qualifications from Certificate II to Diploma, with a focus on user support, networking and systems administration. We provide training for many of the IT trainees employed by the Tasmanian Department of Education:

›› ICT20115 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
›› ICT30115 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
›› ICT40115 Certificate IV in Information Technology
›› ICT40215 Certificate IV in Information Technology Support
›› ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
›› ICT50315 Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration
›› ICT50415 Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Without a doubt NDA is the best RTO in Tasmania for IT Trainees. Being an IT company, the support they offer is well above and beyond their competition. NDA welcomes trainees into their Company as they would any other employee, which hugely helps in the crossover from school to workplace. Staff at NDA always went out of their way to make sure I was happy in my work and to offer their assistance in any way they could. I wouldn’t be where I am today working as a Network Support Officer with the Tasmanian Education Department if it wasn’t for NDA's brilliant trainee support structure. I will always remember my experiences with NDA fondly.
Greg Hayes, Certificate III and IV Graduate, Network Support Officer, Department of Education

Other Qualifications

NDA also offers qualifications in training and assessment.


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