Business Training: Recent Projects

Medicare Australia

Medicare Australia asked NDA to provide training to help Medicare middle management improve profitability by introducing more efficient workplace practices. NDA designed and developed a one day course for 12 participants.

Feedback after the training was very positive and Medicare Australia awarded NDA a contract to present a Diploma in Frontline Management to 12 branch managers during 2006 – 2007. All managers completed the course sucessfully and were awarded their Diplomas.

Following the success of the first program, Medicare Australia commenced training a second group of managers in Frontline Management with NDA. NDA provides the training materials and assessment while Medicare's own trainers deliver the training in-house. NDA will also provide on-line support that will include moderated weekly tutorials, submission of assignments and download of resource materials. If this model proves successful it may be adopted by Medicare Australia in other States.

Graduates from Medicare's Frontline Management qualification

Some of the graduates from Medicare Australia's Diploma in Frontline Management

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