Hints and Tips

Google Maps

Google Maps will find a particular location for you, locate a nearby business of a specified type and give you directions to travel there from your current location. Try the following!

1. Enter the address http://maps.google.com.au into your browser. Google Maps will display a map of Australia and give three options: Search the map, Find businesses and Get directions.

2. Search the map. Enter NDA’s address – 110 Collins Street Hobart or 65 St John Street Launceston or 23 Stewart Street Devonport – and click the Search Maps button. The map will zoom in on the required location. You might now want to know how to get to NDA from your home.

3. Get directions. Click the Get directions command. Google will ask for your Start address, with the End address being given as NDA’s location. Enter your home address in the Start address box and click Get directions. Google will map a route from your house to NDA and give detailed driving instructions, distance and estimated travel time (and yes, it takes one way streets into account).

4. Find businesses. You might want to locate a car park near NDA. Click the Find businesses command, type ‘Car parking’ in the What box and click the Search Businesses button. Google will locate the nearest public car park to NDA. This also works with restaurants (specify Thai, Chinese etc), retail outlets and all other business types.

You can print the map, drag it with your mouse and zoom in or out with the scroll button or by double clicking the left and right mouse buttons.

If you have a web enabled mobile phone you can download Google Maps to your phone, install it on your phone and use all the facilities listed above. If your mobile phone uses the Windows Mobile operating system it will use the phone’s built-in GPS to automatically register your current location.

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